Apple iPhone 8 to Have Three Models; OLED Panels on the Premium Version

Apple iPhone 8 Concept

Rumors about the next Apple iPhone 8 coming with OLED panels simply do not seem to go away.

The latest rumor, coming from KGI securities, claims that the next iPhone will be available in three different variants. The two base variants are expected to be a slight improvement over the current generation Apple iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus. Hence, they would feature the same 4.7 inch and 5.5-inch LCD displays. The rumor claims that there would also be a third variant which would offer OLED panels on a 5.5-inch screen. This would be positioned as the premium model in the line-up.

Apple iPhone 8 Concept

There is a high possibility of the rumors becoming true considering that KGI securities were behind the numerous leaks on the MacBook Pro lineup. As predicted, the new range of professional laptops from Apple were offered in three different variants. The MacBook Pro range of laptops are the first products from the company to feature OLED panels, although it is an extremely thin strip which is called as the Touch Bar. Apple is believed to have placed orders worth around $4 million for OLED panels.

Apple showed the first signs of differentiating the Apple iPhone 7 Plus from the smaller variant by equipping the device with a dual camera set up in the rear. It may be a major reason behind the iPhone 7 Plus now seeing an increased interest amongst buyers than in previous years. KGI Securities claim that the lower variants of the iPhone will now have a single camera setup while the dual camera setup may be limited only to the version with OLED panels.

iPhone 8 Have Three Models

Since the OLED panels are extremely flexible, it would be possible for Apple to introduce a curved display just like on the Samsung Galaxy S7. Apple has seen increased demand for the curved displays from Samsung and they do not seem to be ready to miss out on the party. The Apple iPhone 8 will come at a time when the company would be celebrating 10 years of the iPhone. After having not made much headline grabbing features in the last few iPhones, Apple looks set to offer something extraordinary on the upcoming iPhone.

In the past, Apple have been able to do extremely well when it comes to positioning premium models of an existing product. They may very well do the same trick with the iPhone 8, which will come in September 2017.

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