OnePlus 3T Becomes Official with 3400 MAh Battery and Snapdragon 821 Chip

OnePlus 3T

The OnePlus 3T is now official and the phone comes with an interesting range of specifications, which threatens to put the OnePlus 3 to bed just a few months after its launch.

Several specifications of the OnePlus 3T have confirmed the truth behind the leaks and rumors. It indeed comes with the snapdragon 821 processor, as predicted several months ago, but without significant changes in other areas.

OnePlus 3T Official

The slight bump in the processor specification is unlikely to make much of a difference in terms of actual performance. After all, the clock speed of the new processor is only slightly higher than the snapdragon 820 seen on the OnePlus 3. The quad core processor is now clocked at 2.35 GHz and it is added along with the same 6 GB of RAM as before. The performance may not be different, but the improved efficiency of this new processor is likely to hand the OnePlus 3T a significant boost when it comes to battery endurance.

Thankfully, battery has been one of the elements addressed on this new phone with OnePlus providing a beefier 3400 mAh battery. As ever, it will support the incredible 20W charging through a dash charger, which will be available along with the package and not as a separate accessory. As a result, it is possible to quickly get around half days of usage in just 30 minutes. Since the OnePlus 3T has a slightly larger battery than the OnePlus 3, it may not be capable of matching the ‘60% in 30 minutes’ headline feature of the older model.

OnePlus also claims to have used a tougher, scratch resistant glass for the rear camera. Incidentally, the rumors behind the rear camera have been proved false since it continues with the same specifications as before. Instead, the Sony sensor that has been utilized in the front has been replaced by a Samsung sensor. More importantly, it now has a 16-megapixel camera in the front instead of the eight-megapixel shooter.

OnePlus 3T Snapdragon 821

It remains to be seen if the company has worked on the optical image stabilization of the device, which was certainly not up to the standard of the higher end phones. The OnePlus 3T is also now available with a 128 GB storage option. Opting for this version will set the buyer back by $480 while the 64 GB version is only $40 more than the OnePlus 3 at $439. The phone will be available in North America from November 22.

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