Apple iPhone SE2 Reportedly in the Works; May Launch in Spring 2020

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Apple has not made any official announcement on iPhone SE2 but the rumors on the company bringing back the small-screen iPhone SE have not stopped.

The latest to open up the debate on this model is Nikkei Asian Review, purportedly quoting sources from Apple’s supply chain. The only difference now to the earlier speculation on the model is the company will make some changes to the design and bump the display size from 4-inches to 4.7 inches which is like the iPhone 8. The other specifications may be closer to the 2019 iPhones.

PCB to be Redesigned to Accommodate the A13 Chipset

If Apple decides to introduce the new iPhone SE with a 4.7 inch display, the chipset has to be the latest A13. Changes will have to be made to the design and layout of the device. The battery size may also have to be increased to make the improvement complete. You may see some concept renders surfacing with the possible combinations to suggest to Apple how this can be accomplished.

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Other Key Specifications Likely

If the objective of Apple in re-introducing the iPhone SE is to have a device within its portfolio priced at the $500 or below mark and help with generating revenue through the services business of Apple. If Apple wants to achieve this, then a few more areas will have to be kept at the budget level. The display will have to be LCD though there have been hints earlier that Apple may want to move to OLED panels for all models by 2020.

The storage on the new iPhone SE could be pegged at 128 GB. There may not be any attempt at changing the camera section from the single-lens arrangement for the rear as well as the front. The notch may be there on the display to house the front camera. That will lead to the discussion on the design of the display screen.

Will the old bezels continue? Will Apple go in for a new design to cut out the bezels and offer more screen space within the 4.7-inch display? These are details you will have to wait longer to know.

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Unlocking Tools Will be Closely Looked at

Apple gives a lot of importance to the security aspect of the device. The Face ID feature may increase the cost of the phone; Apple may stick to the Touch ID only in the budget phone. If the new iPhone SE is to be designed around the iPhone 8 as suggested by the Nikkei Asian Review, then the same Home button being used for unlocking the device using the fingerprint sensor will be seen in it.

When is the Apple iPhone SE2 Release Date?

On the timing of release of the redesigned iPhone SE, the suggestion is it could come in early 2020, slotted between the release of this year’s flagship iPhones and the next year’s. iPhone 8 is currently being made by Apple in India. Could the same facility be used for making this new phone as well, particularly since the base design could be the iPhone 8? A lot of questions are still to be answered and hopefully, Apple will come out with some announcement soon.

The upcoming event on September 10 will unveil this year’s iPhones. A Chinese source has suddenly come up with the suggestion that the models this year will carry the monikers iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11, the last being the equivalent of the iPhone 11 R. This can at best be taken as a rumor. It is difficult to predict how the sales graph will move for Apple this year with the past couple of years showing a downward trend.