Apple iPhone users can test Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S8 for a full month via the Galaxy Experience Program

Samsung Galaxy Experience Program

Samsung and Apple are the closest rivals in the smartphone business. Every now and then, they try to outwit each other and the latest trick is Samsung Galaxy Experience Program.

Through this program, Samsung wants Apple iPhone users to enjoy full month of testing for either the Galaxy Note 8 or Galaxy S8. These are Samsung’s most premium phones and it’s obvious that Samsung hopes iPhone users who join the Galaxy Experience Program will end up staying.

We all know how pricey both Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S8 are, which is why you won’t be getting it for free, even if it’s just for trial purposes. Apparently, there’s a small fee for participants, but the good side of the story is that you’ll get the money back after the trial ends. Still, there are some conditions in place. Unfortunately, the Samsung Experience Program is only live in South Korea and it goes live on a day when the latest Apple iPhones are making their debut in the country.

The Samsung Galaxy Experience is already open for registration, but it’ll close on November 27th and by November 30th, the company will select 10,000 people. These people will then be required to visit the company’s Digital Plaza starting December 1st to 11th and buy either a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or Galaxy S8.

As noted, there’s a small fee needed to get you into the program, which is just 50,000 Won, an equivalent of about $45. This fee is refundable only if you choose to keep the phone. However, if you choose otherwise, the only refund you get is what you paid for the phone. For those who choose to stay, there’s more for you in terms of freebies, including the JBL Go Bluetooth speakers.

So, if you have been admiring any of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or Galaxy S8 but didn’t want to burn almost $1000 just to end up not liking the phone, the new Samsung Galaxy Experience program will let you take the phone for a full month’s ride at just $45, after which you can decide whether to keep it or stick with Apple’s iPhone.


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