Samsung Galaxy X, Sammy’s foldable smartphone, is now listed on the company’s official website

Samsung Galaxy X

A lot had been said about the foldable smartphone Samsung Galaxy X towards the end of 2016 and early this year, more claims surfaced suggesting that the phone will be out in Q3/Q4 2017.

Another report also surfaced suggesting that Samsung Galaxy X had been trademarked by the Korean company, adding even more weight to the claims of a Q3/Q4 launch date. Up until now, not so much has been flying around regarding the phone, but we have fresh developments coming from South Korea, suggesting that the phone could be unveiled soon, perhaps in time for the Christmas shopping season.

Unlike some of the previous reports that came outside Samsung’s circle, the latest comes from the company’s official website. The tech giant has listed the alleged Samsung Galaxy X foldable smartphone with model number SM-G888N0, same as what has appeared before on Bluetooth SIG and Korea’s National Radio Research Agency, but the latter suggested that the phone could be released in South Korea.

Samsung Galaxy X

The listing on Samsung’s website doesn’t give us anything more than the model number of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy X. In addition, there is no mention of the possible release date of the phone, but this listing only suggests that it’s not so far away. Given that the CES 2018 is just around the corner – an event that Samsung has confirmed it will be attending – some suggest that the Galaxy X will be unveiled at this event, which makes perfect sense.

At the moment, all we have is patchy details about this foldable Samsung Galaxy X smartphone. However, given that ZTE has already set the pace with the release of the Axon M dual screen foldable phone, Samsung shouldn’t take long to make its mark in the market as well.


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