Why Apple iPhone X is a Better Choice than Galaxy Note 4?

Apple iPhone X better than note 4

The Apple iPhone X was announced in a press conference yesterday and as soon as it became official, the next thing most buyers would do is to compare it with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the worthy competitor that comes really close.

In terms of specifications, display and pricing, there are so many perspectives based on which you could make your purchase decision. However, at the end of the race, it looks like Apple has a clear winner in terms of brand name and the unique software upgrades which is something you can’t get in an Android OS anytime soon.

Comparing the Displays

Apple iPhone X features a large 5.8-inch OLED display bringing it on par with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It is the first ever device to sport an OLED screen. Samsung has upgraded their device with an advanced AMOLED offering increased resolution and pixels per inch. While the iPhone X has 2436×1125 pixels with 4K HDR support, the Note 4 has 2960×1440 on a bigger 6.3-inch display. A compact and better display makes it a clear winner in this regard.

Apple iPhone X ios11

Shedding Old School Security – Face ID

When compared to the Note 4 which still has a fingerprint sensor in the back which you would find it hard to reach because of the large display, Apple iPhone X relies on Face ID. The 3D recognition is accurate, quick and most importantly intuitive than having to search for a fingerprint in the back. Besides, it is much more secure as no one can replicate your face to fool the phone which was displayed during the conference. Better security and easy to use!

Apple iPhone X

A11 Bionic Processor Vs Exynos 8895

The Exynos 8895 is quite similar to the power rendered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset which provides enough power to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The iPhone X uses an A11 Bionic processor which is much faster, fluid and extremely responsive when using apps. It was reiterated during the press conference and also on the show floor, making the Apple device a clear winner once again. Besides, with iOS 11 optimized for A11, it provides much better real life performance than an Android OS that relies on Google to roll out the upgrades.

Apple has won over Samsung this time because the iPhone X is a huge upgrade in many years whereas the Galaxy Note 4 is just bigger, better but loses the race because its competitor offers a wholesome experience.

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