SEAT Cars Will Soon have Amazon’s Voice AI Alexa to Support Drivers

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After invading homes on a new level allowing people to make online purchases and make voice based searches, the voice based AI assistant Alexa by Amazon is soon coming to SEAT cars.

At the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, all major automobile manufacturers revealed one or the other technology that they have planned for their future models. While autonomous driving and electric powertrain is the preferred upgrade for every model, SEAT choose to take a different route by focusing on something most brands didn’t. When a voice based AI assistant is integrated in the car, drivers may no longer have to take their eyes off the road but get a lot of simple things done easily.

SEAT Cars Amazon’s Voice AI Alexa

When on the move, you can easily ask Alexa to reduce the volume, play a particular song or respond to a text message based on your voice inputs. The real world applications are plenty and it won’t be long before all other automakers jump on board to have Cortana, Siri or Alexa on their cars. Besides, developers are Amazon are going to work closely with SEAT to ensure their voice assistant is capable of understanding functions and performing them efficiently in a motoring environment. So far, they are being used only in a domestic environment and this should be a big change.

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“We strongly believe that voice will play a huge role in the future helping customers get rid of remote controls and hand gestures. It simplifies life and makes it easy to get lots of things done at once without taking their attention off the current task. When Alexa is integrated into cars, one can listen to the news on the go, control their smart home from their car, get music and do many similar actions. It’s a great technology for cars,” said Ned Curic from Amazon Alexa’s automotive division.

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SEAT at the Frankfurt show confirmed that they will bring the voice AI Alexa to the Leon and Ateca models first. The technology will be introduced before the end of 2017 in all models that hit dealership stores. Voice activated services are expected to bring a whole new level of engagement and ease for passengers, confirmed SEAT executives during the launch event. They added that drivers will be able to do a lot of functions including managing schedules, calendar appointments, find points of interest and navigate with voice commands from Alexa. The AI will support English and German on launch with Spanish expected to be launched soon.

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