Apple iPhone X Costs $1400 in India, Tim Cook Says it’s Reasonable Pricing

Apple iPhone X Costs $1400 in India

The Apple iPhone X is an expensive phone wherever you live in the world, be it the United States, UK or India.

But for those who live in the developing markets like India or China where Apple has little presence, these phones are going to cost as much as a car or an expensive jewelry.

Compared to other markets, in India there are no pre-paid offers but Tim Cooks strongly believes that the iPhone X is multiple steps ahead when compared to the iPhone 7 or the newly launched iPhone 8. “Times have changed and I feel that the $1000 price tag for the smartphone is a reasonable price tag. Moreover, people are not going to pay the full price. A lot of Apple users will exchange their old phones which significantly reduces the cost of the phone and they can also get special deals from their cellular provider,” he said.

Apple iPhone X tim cook

Further explaining the situation, Cook clarified that most Americans are not going to pay the exact price of $1000 to own the iPhone X. They have different ways and when the pricing is to be paid in a two year contract or so, it doesn’t matter much. The situation tends to be different because during the Good Morning America show, customers opined that for the average American it is the most expensive phone in the world at the moment.

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Things become even worse for a developing country like India where millions of buyers are interested in owning an Apple product. But, the company continues to make them more expensive than ever. In the case of the Apple iPhone X, it is going to cost Rs. 89,000 which is approximately $1400 and simply unaffordable for the majority of the population unless the person is a millionaire with plenty of spare cash to spend.

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Cellular providers don’t have longterm plans in the country like T-Mobile or Verizon making it mandatory for buyers to pay the $1400 cost upfront before being able to use the phone. Tim Cook does have his own version of the pricing and Apple will continue to price things higher than they should be at least until the market starts falling apart.

In other news, it looks like the pre-orders for Apple iPhone 8 is nowhere close to iPhone 7 or iPhone 6 because the buyer base is now split between two different phones. The future of the company depends a lot on how the company treats their buyers in all countries, not just U.S.

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