3 New Apple iPad Models Expected to be Launched in 2017 – Resuscitating the Shrinking iPad Lineup

Apple iPad Models

2017 seems to be the year of the Apple iPad.

Apple is gearing up to launch 3 new models for its iPad in spring 2017, according to reports from Ming Chi Kuo, the analyst at KGI Securities.

Three Models

The new models of Apple’s iPod for 2017 include a 12.9 inches iPad Pro model, which was first launched in 2015. There is also a new model of 10 or 10.5 inches having a bezel design, along with a third 9.7 inches iPad model, which is the budget device.

Apple iPad 2017

Top Specs

The larger models will come with Apple’s A10X chipset, whereas the 9.7 inches version will use the A9 chipset. The A10X chipset is an upgraded version of A10 chipset that currently powers Apple’s iPhone 7 devices. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company will be responsible for the A10X chip, whereas Samsung will remain the manufacturer of the A9 chipset, which currently powers Apple’s iPhone 6s.

Unveiling in spring

According to the rumors, the three new models of the upcoming iPad for 2017 will be unveiled in spring this year. They will be available for purchasing somewhere around April, May or June, going by news from AppleInsider. However, there are no more additions for refreshing the iPad mini series, beyond these three models, at least for this year.

Decline in Sales

There has been a decline in the sales of Apple iPad devices over the years and Apple is expecting that the release of new versions might stem the slowdown. It is offering different types of models, catering to different sections of consumers, with different price tags. The iPad Pro at 12.9 inches is targeted towards designers or illustrators, offering them a suitable canvas for practicing their creativity. The 10 inches or 10.5 inches iPad model will probably come with the Smart Keyboard feature and could be appealing to those who wish to replace their current MacBook. As for the 9.7 inches model of the upcoming iPad devices, it is a budget device and can attract those wanting to get Apple’s iPad at a bargain.

Shrinking the Decline

Kuo states that the launch of the new iPad models in 2017 might be able to reverse the tide and reduce the shrinking sales of the previous Apple iPad devices, from a fall of 20% to a fall of 10% at the least. It is also expected that the budget iPad device with 9.7 inches will be the most popular one and will sell the most, due to its affordability. According to Kuo, the 9.7 inches budget model iPad model 2017 will contribute to about 50% or 60% of the total shipments of iPads during the year 2017.


Despite Apple’s attempts to revive the sluggish sales of the iPad devices last year, the sales had reached the lowest figures in the last 5 years for the last quarter. It marks a decline of 6%, with each passing year.

Commitment to iPad

However, Apple continues to remain committed to its iPad lineup and will not abandon this market in the near future. It is probably to show this commitment that Apple is offering the new lineup of iPad devices for 2017.

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