Apple May Start iPhone 6S Replacement Program ahead of Korea’s Investigation Plans into #Batterygate “Safety Issue”

iPhone 6S Battery Issues

Reports coming from South Korea claim that the Korean Agency of Technology and Standards (KATS) is pondering on whether to commence investigations into the Apple iPhone 6S battery issues.

The Apple iPhone 6S has been experiencing something weird with its battery unit. According to those who have been affected by the now called #batterygate issue, their phones are overheating when charging and when the battery percentage clocks between 30%-40%, the phone shuts down unexpectedly. In order to bring it back to life, victims have claimed that they have to plug it back to a power source and funny enough, the phone’s battery immediately jumps to the same percentage it was before shutting down – an indicator that there’s still enough battery juice. But what makes the iPhone 6S shut down when there is still enough battery juice in there to last for a good number of hours?

Well, this is something the KATS wants to get to the bottom of, but The Korea Herald report hasn’t confirmed whether the agency has indeed made this a priority. Still, the fact that “the agency is well aware” of the iPhone 6S matter and “Is taking a closer look at it” is enough to justify the claim that investigations are indeed underway.

The potential of Apple going through something similar to what Samsung went through with the issues of the Galaxy Note 7 is now higher than ever. This is true thanks to information sourced from one of our own readers here at Nashville Chatter Class. Apparently, a reader by the name Travis Darcy has had a faulty iPhone 6S replaced with a new one from an Apple Store thanks to the fact that the older version was experiencing the #batterygate issue. However, Darcy notes that this did not come easy as Apple had initially refused to listen, but after confirming how it was possible to iron clothes with the red-hot iPhone 6S and that the phone could also “leave a red imprint on” the skin, Apple escalated Darcy’s case into a “safety issue.”

Apple iPhone 6S

Before this, Apple had only confirmed a battery replacement program for select iPhone 6S models manufactured between September and October 2015. But with the issue seemingly getting out of control, Cupertino might fall into the same ditch as Samsung by being forced to replace a significant number of affected iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 5 handsets.

We’ll be here to let you know if and when this happens, but for now, we cannot confirm that Apple is indeed replacing all iPhone 6S handsets affected by the #batterygate issue. We’ll also try and reach Travis Darcy for more details on the replaced handset. Stay tuned!

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