Apple iPhone 6S Battery Issue May Lead a Major Exodus to Android

iPhone 6S Battery Issues

Many Apple iPhone 6S users are in trouble with their phones as the device keeps shutting down by itself when the battery is still at 30%.

Even though the iPhone maker has acknowledged that this is indeed a problem affecting a number of iPhone 6S phones that were manufactured between September and October, the problem seems to be worse, something that we noted in a recent post. In fact, the issue is not just limited to iPhone 6S, instead, others using the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S have also recorded the same problem, but not as widespread as the 2015 flagship.

Before the recent Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, it would have been an uphill task to try and convince a diehard Samsung fan to make a bold move to the Apple iPhone ecosystem. Similarly, it would have been the same task coming down to convincing a diehard iPhone user to ditch the iOS device in favor of Android. Well, now that Apple iPhone 6S, one of the most popular iPhone, is having issues that are in some cases beyond repair, some diehard users have been considering shifting to the most popular mobile OS in the world for the first time in their lives, as long as one has a device that doesn’t shut down once the battery power reaches 30%.

When an iPhone 6S dies on you while still at 30-40% battery power, the only way to bring the phone back to life is by plugging it into a power source. Interestingly, the phone will power up and show you that the battery is still at 30% or so. Even though Apple is addressing this issue, the tech giant is only handling specific cases, according to the belief that the only affected devices were manufactured between September and October 2015. As for the rest, the company has promised to roll out a software update that should help them diagnose the problem affecting the iPhone 6S and possibly other devices as well.

iPhone 6S Replacing Battery

What does this mean? It means that if you are using an Apple iPhone 6S that is not covered by the replacement program, you will have to keep using the faulty phone until the company finds a solution via its software diagnostics. How long this will take is not known. Enter Android.

Just like Samsung will find it hard to convince some people that the Galaxy Note 7 issue won’t pop up again, Apple will also find it quite impossible to convince fans that this iPhone 6S issue will not affect iPhone 7 models at some point in future. As a result, some are considering making the switch to Android, especially now that Google has finally made its mark in the industry with a great phone in the shape of Google Pixel.

Are you among the ones prepping to make the switch from Apple iPhone to Android? Let us know your views in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 6S Battery Issue May Lead a Major Exodus to Android”

  1. Mine was one of the affected devices, but Apple refused to fix it because alleged “tampering” (I had no previous repairs, never did anything to it)! Definitely switching to Android for my next phone. Funny enough, my parents contacted me about upgrading their phones – I told them to buy Pixels (my mom was also experiencing battery issues!). Also won’t be upgrading my phone, and won’t be buying my partner an apple laptop for her birthday- they seriously lost $3000+ in sales this month by their refusal to replace a $10 battery in my (5th) iPhone.

  2. Thought I would share my experience with you. I had the same problem with my 6S iPhone unexpectedly shutting down, then showing 30% to 50% battery life when plugged into a charger. Unfortunately, though I clearly had the battery issue (even videotaped it for proof) I had a serial number they would not acknowledge. After no luck at the Apple store, I went on chat thinking that only if enough people complain would they expand the serial number range. I happened to mention the fact that the phone was also heating up when I charged it. I think I said something like “I could iron my clothes with it.” Then said I was joking, but let them know it was hot enough to leave a red imprint on my skin, which was, in fact, true. Suddenly, I had their interest. They moved me up the ranks, calling it a “safety issue.” The next morning an Apple safety expert called me back and gave me a redress number, which I took to the Apple Store. And then they didn’t just give me a new battery, they gave me a new phone! Don’t know if this phone will also do the shut down. Fingers crossed.

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