Apple Music Surpasses 11 Million Subscribers, iCloud Hits 720 Million Users

Apple music

On Friday, Apple executives Craig Federighi and Eddy Cue revealed that music streaming service Apple Music has now reached over 11 million subscribers.

The new stats about the service’s head count came alongside other interesting revelations from the iPhone maker. The recently announced number of subscribers on Apple Music is actually 10% more than what was previously announced by the company just about two weeks ago. Back then, Apple revealed that the Music service had over 10 million signed up members.

Apple has over 1 billion active devices in the market

Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that the company now boasts a massive number of devices in the market. Apparently, there are at least 1 billion active Apple devices in the company’s installed base. On the other hand, Apple’s cloud-based platform – iCloud – now has more than 782 million users. According to Eddy Cue, this is because many people own more than one device. At the moment, the executives note that Cupertino’s cloud service handles more than 17 billion iMessages per day.

The huge number of people using these platforms is what drives the revenues the company collects from iTunes and App Store. When combined, iTunes and App Store purchases account for more than $0.75 billion per week.

iPhone 7 could be much bigger

As if trying to hint that the next iPhone 7 will be a much bigger, improved device than what we had in the shape of iPhone 6S, Federighi noted that things change fast each year and in order to stay relevant, the company has to build the best software and use the best techniques possible.

iPhone 7

“Every single year we realize that the things we were good at last year and the methods we were using to develop the best software possible, are not adequate enough for the next year simply because the bar keeps getting higher,” he notes.

The iPhone 7 is expected to be released in September this year and a lot has been going on with respect to what Apple might be brewing. Looking at Federighi’s words, we expect that the new smartphone will come in with the best software possible, probably iOS 10. In addition, there is word that TSMC has been contracted to take care of the manufacturing process of the A10 chipsets that will be used in the upcoming phone.

With last year’s faults of having both TSMC and Samsung behind the manufacturing of the A9 very evident in the different performances offered by different models of iPhone 6S (based on the maker of the A9 chipset), Apple wants to avoid this by concentrating on the better player.



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