Lovers Only: 3 Apps to Make Your Valentine’s Day

Valentine's day

Valentine’s Day is a yearly marked event associated with lovers expressing their love with a number of gifts and surprises.

With much anticipation on this day, which is normally marked on 14th February of every calendar year, lovers always prepare not to disappoint. People usually have something special set aside for the significant people or rather loved ones in their lives. Gifts, memories, as well as moments are usually shared between loved ones during this colorful day. Valentine’s Day is always associated with the red color, so get armed with red gifts, attires and get ready to share the love.

To help you celebrate love during this special day between you and your loved one, there are a number of smartphone apps that can spice your mood and spirits to this year’s Valentine’s Day.

Open Table

With much anticipation of spending quality memorable times with your loved one, it is high time you identified cool places to mark this day. Open Table is a perfect free mobile app that will help you identify a perfect restaurant to hang out with your loved one. This app is available for both iOS and Android. Open Table gives users an outline of navigation around available restaurants as well as allow them to make reservations right from their devices.

Double Player for Music with Headphones

On Valentine’s Day, you probably want to spend the day with your loved one. Such moments could be tricky when it comes to the taste of music that the two of you want to listen since you have different musical tastes. This might spoil the mood. With Double Player for Music with Headphones app, you can listen to different playlists with same headphones at the same time. You simply create different playlists and they will play simultaneously as you each listen with separate earbuds of the headphones while you stay close to your loved one. Perfect, isn’t it?

Valentine's Day


Developed for iOS, Shryne app registers those people that are close to you. Shryne does this by going through your emails, the social networks you are in, videos, photos and other stuff from your phone. This amazing app then provides insights into the relationship between you and the people you communicate with basing on the kind of conversations or interactions you frequently have. With Shryne, you can get the insights of the kind of communication you usually have with your loved one and probably surprise him or her on Valentine’s Day that you will work on aspects that seem bad!

There you have it, install these apps to make your 2016 Valentine happy. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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