Apple OLED iPhone 8 Models Sport Curved Samsung Panel Display – Big Update Anticipated

Apple iPhone 8

Reports affirm that the upcoming Apple iPhone 8 models OLED models will sport a curved Samsung panel display.

Samsung Display

All OLED panels orders made by Apple from Samsung Display are only for plastic units and not for glass units, according to the Korea Herald. The Korea Herald publication states that generally companies make use of glass to make flat panels, whereas the plastic ones are used for making a curved screen, rather like the screen of the Galaxy S7 Edge.

Apple iPhone 8 Models

The report went on to say that other models of the Apple iPhone released in 2017 would have flat LCDs that are manufactured by LG Display and by JDI.

Curved OLED Display

Around 70 to 100 million units will come with the curved OLED Samsung Display panels. This figure is smaller than half of the annual sales number for Apple phones. This means that it is possible that the OLED panels will only be available for the premium version of the Apple iPhone 8 model.

According to the source, Apple might not make use of this technology, capable of allowing the smartphone to respond when the user touches any side on it.

Three iPhone Models

According to previous reports, it is indicated that Apple will be offering three iPhone models in 2017. There will be two LCD versions with the display size of 4.7 inches and the 5.5 inches, similar to the Apple iPhone 7. In addition, the third one will be the curved OLED device with a screen of 5.1 inches or 5.2 inches. It is also rumored that one of the version would come with edge-to-edge type of display. This means that Apple will be forced to embed components, such as Touch ID sensors.

Power Efficiency

It is a no brainer that a company like Apple will look to switch over to OLED for future devices, as the technology offers a lot of benefits. OLED offers greater power efficiency compared to LCD, because only the lit pixels get powered. There is no need for the backlight, so the display can be slimmer as well. In the OLED type of display, the touch bar can be thrice as slim as the LCD equivalent. Black areas on the screen will not consume power, so it is of great benefit in a smartphone. In addition, OLED also offers brighter and more vivid colors.

Major Overhaul

Everyone is aware that 2017 will be the year for a big update on the iPhone 8. This is because it is the tenth birthday of the iPhone, ten years from the time the concept of the iPhone became mainstream. There are still discussions as to the number of models, the ones that will come with OLED display and also whether it will be named the iPhone 8 or the iPhone X or even something else.

Apple iPhone 8 OLED

OLED Panels

Geek notes that there are rumors of a 5.8 inches iPhone 8, a Plus model probably, with OLED panel. OLED technology has matured a lot and it is definitely better. JP Morgan also reports that Apple is not just updating with the OLED panels for the iPhone 8 next year, but it is also investing in the OLED technology.

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