WhatsApp Beta App Version for iOS Updated to Edit and Revoke Sent Messages


WhatsApp has been tipped to add new features to its beta app version on the iOS platform which will now allow the users to edit and revoke all the sent messages.

The upcoming feature will be disabled by default for the beta users of the WhatsApp iOS app, although it is expected to be available soon to all the users. Another overset feature that has been introduced is the ability to preview the shared archived files, like the RAR files and the ZIP files.

WhatsApp allow Edit and Revoke Messages

Edit and Revoke Sent Messages

WhatsApp has reportedly integrated a brand new feature which will allow its users to not just edit the messages, but also recall them after it has been posted on the instant messaging platform. According to an image that was posted on a tweet by WABetaInfo, the beta news tracker of WhatsApp, the social messaging firm has introduced a new feature that will bring in the ability to edit the sent messages for the WhatsApp beta app version on the iOS platform. The feature is still active in its developmental stages and so it will be disabled by default. However, it is expected to be rolled out soon to all the users on their WhatsApp app to edit and recall the messages.

It is important to note that only the latest messages can be edited, and not the old ones which were posted by the user previously. Only the messages that have been posted by the user after the update has been installed will be allowed for editing.

The revoke option creates a scene wherein it looks like the sent message was never sent at all. This is possible only if the sent message has not yet been viewed by the recipient. As of now, WhatsApp allows its users to delete the messages at the device level only and the deleted messages can still be seen by the recipient. The new upcoming edit or revoke feature for the sent messages can be accessed by long pressing of the particular sent message.

So, now no more embarrassing typo mistakes! The feature, which is similar to that of Skype, wherein the users are able to redact the sent messages, is one incredibly essential feature for many people. There have been reports which suggest that the users can not just revoke the regular text messages, they can do that to the images and videos too.

Preview Contents of Archive Files

Apart from this edit and revoke feature, WhatsApp is also testing another new feature on its beta app for the iOS platform which will now allow the users to preview the contents of the archive files like the ZIP files or the RAR files, that have been shared on the platform. Again, it was WABetaInfo to wave the flag about this feature.

Sadly, there is no word yet about when the new feature is going to be made available to the beta users of WhatsApp on the Android platform.


Previous Update

Previously in November, WhatsApp had received an update which brought along with it two new features namely the streaming of videos as they are being downloaded, and support to animated GIF images on the Android app. With the new video streaming feature, the users were able to download the videos in the background as it is being played, without having to wait for it to finish downloading first to play later. The other feature i.e. the animated GIF image support in WhatsApp beta, allowed the users to send GIF images, which can be uploaded from the phone’s gallery using the attachment icon and it can then be shared on the instant messaging service. These two features were earlier available only to the beta users of WhatsApp.

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