Apple Pay is Crippling Samsung Pay and Android Pay

Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay

In 2014, Apple unveiled Apple Pay alongside the then flagships, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. On the other hand, Samsung launched Galaxy S6 smartphones last year, bringing its own mobile payment service in the shape of Samsung Pay.

These companies are always competing for the same space in the tech world and when it comes to mobile payments, Google has also joined the group with own Android Pay. The three offer the same services, but the services are not accessible to all users of the three platforms.

Even though Google’s Android Pay has the ability to surpass the other two thanks to the huge population the company enjoys with its Android OS, Apple Pay seems to be enjoying the best times in the business. In fact, Cupertino’s service seems to be crippling Samsung Pay and Android Pay.

Billions vs. millions

During a recent company earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that as at then, Apple Pay users had spent billions of dollars via the mobile payment service. In addition to this, the company also revealed that the usage of Apple Pay grew by more than 10 times in the second half of last year as compared to the first half.

On the contrary, Samsung has just announced that over the last six months, Samsung Pay users have spent just “over $500 million,” which is very insignificant when compared to Apple’s stats. To make matters worse for Samsung, the stats by Apple were released before the company introduced Apple Pay in one of its hottest markets – China. Even though the South Korean giant has plans to roll out its service in the same region over the coming month, it has limited chances of emulating the same success Apple Pay is seeing in other regions.

Apple Pay

As mentioned earlier, Android Pay is also in the loop. For users of Android-based devices, there is room to use both Google’s mobile payment system and Samsung Pay. However, there is no room for Apple Pay services on Android devices. On the contrary, iPhone users can still enjoy the services of Android Pay, which kind of limits the reach of Cupertino’s services.

The move by Samsung is to try and create an ecosystem where customers use everything Samsung. There is no doubt the company has some amazing smartphones, however, it is time the company conceded that software and services, in general, are not their thing. The company’s strengths lie in the fact that it can create some top-of-the-tier devices, chips, displays and image sensors, among other hardware components.

While Android Pay has the better opportunity among the three, the fact that it has yet to reach quite a huge number of devices running on this OS will be a stumbling block for Google. Whether will find a way of availing Apple Pay on Android devices is yet to be established, but if it happens, it can be a huge blow for not just Google, but also Samsung.

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  1. Is the amount of money spent on each thing the biggest factor, or is it the features each payment option provides.

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