Apple Promises to Release Fix for chaiOS Bug that Freezes Your iPhone


Apple has been facing a lot of issues in the recent past ranging from a series of funny and annoying bugs on the iOS 11.

A new bug named chaiOS has been identified that randomly freezes your iPhone by exploiting some loopholes found in the Messages app.

Previously, it was identified that every time a user would try to type“i” on their iPhone, it will automatically correct it to A[?] which literally annoyed everyone to the core. After all, whenever you try to type a simple word which might have many instances of the alphabet I, it would end up looking like a badly converted file format with lots of wrong iterations of whatever words that you typed.

Apple Promises to Release Fix for chaiOS Bug

The newest bug which has been identified by Abraham Masri has been named as chaiOS and the malicious codes as well as the side effects it could cause had been posted on GitHub for further analysis. Apple has already addressed the issue and their development team is working to find a fix for the same. According to the person who found the bug, the issue is that whenever you click on the link it leads to hundreds of thousands of characters stored in its metadata. While Messages app is capable of displaying a preview of the link a person is about to click, every time the chaiOS link pops up it finds it difficult to render the content within.

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As a result of this problem, it ends up showing a series of random content and eventually leads to the crashing of iPhone. Almost all the popular models including iPhone X and all the way up to iPhone 5S were tested by Masri who confirmed that the issue persists on all devices. The problem is that, they find it difficult to handle the massive amount of metadata that is displayed on the Messages app which leads to a crash and may shut down or restart your iPhone.

Apple Promises to Release Fix for chaiOS Bug that Freezes iPhone

It has also been confirmed by the GitHub user that the bug exists in all latest operating systems ranging from iOS 11.2.5 beta 5 to old editions such as the iOS 10.0. Masri has already officially submitted the bug to Apple and the company has confirmed that they will roll out a fix by next week along with a series of other identified issues. You can choose to delete the chaiOS link to avoid the crash or factory reset the iPhone for now.

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