Sprint Wants to Bring Verizon Customers Onboard with Unlimited Service for One Year

Sprint Wants to Bring Verizon Customers Unlimited Service for One Year

In an attempt to bring more new customers onboard, Sprint has announced that they would provide free unlimited service for one year for anyone who switches from the Verizon cellular service.

The company has everything one would expect from a reliable service provider with lots of unlimited plans to choose from and affordable rates to go with. However, their subscriber base has been quite low for a very long time and this offer is to push especially those who are using a Verizon right now and are not happy with how things are there.Besides, it is one of the biggest service providers in the country. Their offer is nonetheless interesting for many users because it is downright crazy and would help save them a lot of money for an entire year.

Sprint Wants to Bring Verizon Customers Onboard with Unlimited Service for One Year

Verizon customers who are signed up with the network and expect their subscription to end any time soon can switch to the Sprint network without any second thoughts. They will receive a whole year of free service without having to pay anything which is the cheapest that they could get. Based on their offer, Sprint will waive the activation fees and an even better news is that there will be no annual contract to bind you with. The cherry on the cake is the ability to bring your existing Verizon phone to the Sprint network and it would work as it is.

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In case, you already own a flagship model from Samsung, Apple or LG, you don’t have to pay another two years to own a new model but continue with the same phone you already have. The same phone number can be retained so that you don’t have to inform your friends and colleagues of the change. Sprint seems to be surely committed to convincing Verizon customers and the list continues with an interesting as well as an enticing plan to make the switch.

Sprint Wants to Bring Verizon Customers Unlimited Service

When you make the switch, you will be able to avail the Sprint unlimited data, text and talk plan. Verizon has not been so generous in this regard because most customers spend majority of their time looking at the data cap to make sure they don’t exceed the limited provided. However, it will no longer be the case as you can enjoy unlimited data usage which should be good enough for most users, even power users who consume a lot of data on a daily basis. After the free period, you should pay $60 a month for the line, $40 for the second line and $30 for additional lines.

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