Apple Reaches the One Billion Sales Record – Celebration Time in Cupertino

Apple Reaches the One Billion Sal

Apple announced yesterday that it had reached the one billion number sales of its iPhones.

This is a great milestone for the company, especially keeping in mind the competitive nature of the smartphone market.

World Changing Product

Tim Cook, the Chief Executive of the company announced the reaching of this milestone at the meeting held in the headquarters in California. He stated that the iPhone was among the most important and world changed products in the history of smartphones. It has come to represent a steady companion to many and has become an integral part of users’ daily lives, enabling them to do a lot of activities all through the day. In his statement, he said that the company had never aimed at making the most, but rather making quality products, which could create a difference.

Uninterrupted Growth

The report about the one billion sales mark came in just after the news that Apple had a drop in its sales during the previous quarter. This is the second time a straight drop is occurring, since the continuous growth recorded by the company from the time it first introduced iPhones in the year 2007.

Other Milestones

Apple has also crossed other milestones. It had crossed the one billion sales number for the number of the iOS devices that were sold, in January last year. In January, this year, the company announced that it had one billion active devices, which included iPads and iPhones as well as the Mac, the iPod Touch, Apple Watch along with Apple TV.


Drop in Quarterly Sales

The company had sold 40.4 million phones for the quarter ending in June 25th, and this was 15% below the sales in the previous year. This resulted in some concerns regarding the growth of this iconic phone. The quarterly sales reports emphasized the challenges that were facing the company.

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

The company is concerned as it is bringing in a new iPhone 7 this year, which is to be released in the month of September. There is a variant to the phone, the iPhone 7 Plus, which is the larger one of the two. It will come with a dual camera setup and an enhanced base storage. There is also some rumor about a 3.5 mm jack, to connect the headphones. The camera setup of the iPhone 7 is also likely to be upgraded.

Challenges Ahead

The fall in the growth is especially significant, as Apple has created its entire business around its iPhones, but there might not be continued growth in the sales. This is because there is increasing competition in this segment and also because this segment of smartphones has reached a saturation point. In addition, the company is also facing the problem of many users who have converted to Android during this year.


The company has already started diversification of its product lines, moving into other services that can bring in more steady revenue. Apple also continues to keep its fans and user base within the iOS ecosystem, by offering music and Apple Watch and other items.

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