PS4 4.00 System Update Ready For Beta Testing, You Can Sign Up Now

PS4 4.00 System Update Ready For Beta Testing

Sony is going to roll out the PS4 4.00 system update soon and a beta test program is underway now.

It is yet to commence and if you like, you can sign up to experience the updates much before everyone else does.

The company has always had the habit of rolling out beta testing programs before any major update rolls out. It makes it easier for them to check the bugs and fix them at an earlier stage rather than waiting for them to be reported by players. Besides, a smoother experience is ensured for the entire Playstation community. Some of the big updates are scheduled to be rolled out with the PS4 4.00 rollout.

In order to sign up for the beta program, you should be at least eighteen years old. The Playstation 4 console should be connected to the system and the one who signs up with the network should be the master access users. Secondary accounts may disallow some features which is why Sony is keen on players having complete control over the system for the update to be rolled out.

PS4 4.00

While players will have the option to sign up to experience the 4.00 system update before everyone else, they can choose to go back to the 3.55 update whenever they like to. This ensures that in case there are performance issues, bugs or random crashes, it is not mandatory to keep using the system with those problems. Rolling back to a more stable version is facilitated the convenience of gamers.

Sony is tight lipped about the things they are going to introduce with the new update. We couldn’t find what the company is up to. They are definitely going to revamp the PS4 console with the 4.00 update. However, nothing can be deduced as of now. The official word will drop in only when the beta rolls out and users are able to see the changes that have been made to it.

The beta is scheduled to go on floors somewhere in early August, probably in the first two weeks. You have to provide your Playstation Network username and sign up to be part of the community. Some major changes were made earlier with the 3.50 and the 3.00 update. Some good features included the ability to use USB music player as well as bigger 4 TB hard disks for those with a huge game collection.

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