Apple Says Only iPhone 6S has a Problem, But it’s Worse

iPhone 6S

There have been overwhelming reports about an issue on the Apple iPhone 6S that has even led to the Cupertino tech giant launching a program for replacing the affected devices’ battery units.

While Apple had yet to come clean with the iPhone 6S matter, the company has finally conceded that there is indeed a huge problem with the phone than initially thought. Interestingly, Apple has gone to its China website with the message, opting to display the message in English as well, citing that only a small number of iPhone 6S handsets are suffering from this problem.


Apparently, some users of the Apple iPhone have been complaining that their phones completely shut down when they reach 30% battery power. According to the reports, there is more to deal with than what Apple says. The iPhone maker has only mentioned last year’s model to be the only one suffering from this problem, but looking at the forum will reveal that the issue is affecting devices that have been released in the past four years, except the latest iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Owners of Apple iPhones ranging from this year’s iPhone SE, last year’s iPhone 6S up to 2012’s iPhone 5 have been adamant that their phones’ battery power suddenly drops from 30% to 1% in seconds before shutting down unexpectedly. Despite this seemingly widespread issue, Apple has chosen to address only those using the iPhone 6S, which is not such a wise decision.

On the brighter side, Apple seems to be slowly coming to terms with this issue and it has promised to roll out a new iOS version that is aimed at tackling the battery performance issues. The update will help diagnose the battery of affected iPhone 6S and other models in a bid to try and give the company an idea of what is really happening.

iPhone 6S

Apple will want to work fast in addressing this issue, especially when considering that an almost similar battery problem has seen Samsung lose more than $5 billion with respect to the Galaxy Note 7 recall, yet the Korean tech giant had only shipped a small percentage of all iPhone units that are out there.

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