Android Nougat Adoption Hits 0.4% After 3 Months

Android Nougat

Google released Android Nougat more than three months ago and according to the latest stats, the mobile OS has only managed to reach 0.4% of all Android devices out there.

Android has the most number of versions still running on devices when compared to other competing platforms such as Apple iOS and Microsoft Windows OS. The fact that the platform is also home to numerous OEMs has further meant that getting devices to be updated to newer platforms has always been a problem.

Android Nougat

With more a billion devices using the Android OS, a figure of 0.4% is not that small. However, when compared to closest rival Apple iOS 10, the speed at which Android Nougat is getting onto compatible devices is really slow. Nonetheless, the fact that the new Android Nougat is already running on about 4 million devices is not a bad stat and start for Google.

In early November, it was announced that Android Nougat was installed on 0.3% of all Android devices, with the figure mainly dominated by Google’s own products. Towards the end of the same month, Apple noted that iOS 10 was already installed on more than 63% of all iOS devices out there.

Google’s Android Lollipop is the most popular operating system out there. The OS was launched in 2014 and as such, it has been here for over two years now. At present, Lollipop boasts a user base of 34%, but this is down 0.1% from what was reported a month ago. Coming in second position is last year’s Android Marshmallow with 26.3%. This OS has been recording steady improvements in the recent past, especially since many companies have been updating their compatible devices with the OS during the same period. 2013’s Android KitKat is still up there with 24% of the market share while Android Jelly Bean has 12.8%.

Android Nougat Adoption Hits 0.4%

Interestingly, 2010’s Android Gingerbread is still ahead of Android Nougat with a market share of 1.2%, but given its negative growth in the market, this lead shouldn’t be long. It’s easy to say that Android Marshmallow will be topping the charts come next year, a position that Android Nougat should take over probably a year or more from now.

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