Apple Starts Shipping Touch Bar MacBook Pro 2016 for Best Buy Orders

MacBook Pro 2016

Apple wants you to have your MacBook Pro 2016 latest this coming Tuesday, but this is only true for those who had pre-ordered the 13-inch Touch Bar variant before Thursday this week.

Priced at $1,799, the new MacBook Pro 2016 joins the lower end model in the market following the latter’s early debut. However, those who are after the 15-inch version or even a higher-end 13-inch model with up to 16GB RAM can still be hopeful of seeing their laptops this coming week.

The latest reports can confirm that Best Buy customers will start receiving the 13-inch MacBook Pro 2016 beginning next week Monday or Tuesday. This is well ahead of Apple Store customers and worse off, there is no word on when exactly Cupertino will commence the delivery process.

This is good news for those who had actually pre-ordered the new MacBook Pro 2016 via Best Buy as they will soon get to enjoy this magnificent creation. Analysts have heaped praise on the laptops, with claims that the integration of software and hardware is simply unmatched. This has resulted in a really fast MacBook Pro that has easily taken its place above the rest of the competition from Windows. This slick performance in addition to a buttery smooth design and the magnificent Touch Bar have made the MacBook Pro 2016 laptops the hottest devices in the market right now.

MacBook Pro 2016

If you think going for a $1,799 MacBook Pro is too costly, the lower-end model is valued at $1,499. However, you won’t get a chance to play around with the Touch Bar, which is arguably the only major downside of this model.

Apple really nailed it when it comes to the MacBook Pro 2016 and in fact, we could be in line to see more similar designs come in, but not from Cupertino.

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