Latest WhatsApp Update Beefs Up Security with Two-Step Verification Feature


WhatsApp is the biggest messaging application in the world with a following of over a billion people. Owned by Facebook, the chat app has been faced with issues of security, especially following the recent deal that sees user data shared with the mother company.

Now, in an attempt to gain some trust from its concerned user base, WhatsApp is rolling out a new security update that might be a surprise to some as to why it hasn’t been there before. Those using WhatsApp beta can now add a second security later known as two-step verification.

This option has been added to the Settings menu of the new WhatsApp beta and to turn it on, you will need to provide a six-digit passcode. This passcode will be required whenever you want to log in to the application from a new device. The process also needs you to provide an email address that can be used whenever you wish to reset your passcode just in case you happen to forget it. Setting this up will mean the WhatsApp number in use will be protected via a two-factor authentication feature.


The two-step verification feature is not the only update this beta version brings. Apparently, WhatsApp has made it possible for audio files to play in the background. This means that you no longer have to keep the app open in order to keep listening to an audio file you received, instead, you will now be able to keep browsing the app as the file keeps playing. Whether you stay within the app or even leave for another app – as long as the screen is still turned on, the audio file will keep playing in the background.

If you are not part of the Play Store beta program, make sure you join to get started with the latest version of WhatsApp. Otherwise, you can also opt for an APK file from a trusted source such as APK Mirror or XDA Developer Forum.

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