Apple to Add 3D Dual Lens Camera for iPhone 8 – Apple to Experiment with LG Camera

iPhone 8

Rumors claim that Apple is now working with LG regarding the addition of 3D dual lens for the iPhone 8 cameras.

Rumors on iPhone 8

There have been several rumors making the rounds regarding the iPhone 8 to be released in 2017. The latest among these circling over the last two weeks is that Apple is now working with LG in developing 3D dual lens cameras for the new iPhone 8, its flagship smartphone to be released in the coming year.

iPhone 8

Plus Models

Since the time Apple has released its iPhone 6 and the higher end version of the iPhone 6 Plus in the year 2014, the company is known for using a larger display of 5.5 inches for the Plus version. This has been done to differentiate the Plus model from the smaller 4.7 inches sibling models. Another differentiation in the Plus models was that the iPhone 6s Plus and the 6 Plus came with OIS or optical image stabilization features, whereas the same were not present for the iPhone 6s.

OIS for 4.7 Inches iPhone 7 Model

When the latest iPhone 7 and the 7 Plus versions were released this year in September, the OIS feature was also added for the smaller version of 4.7 inches iPhone 7. However, the cameras on the Plus versions were different, as the Plus models came with dual lens cameras. This offered enhanced features to the Plus version devices, such as the blurred effect on the picture background, making the subject of the picture stand out more prominently.

3D Dual Lens Camera for 2017 Plus Versions

iPhone 3D Dual Lens Camera

There are recent rumors that suggest the next lineup of iPhones to come in the year 2017 will come in three versions. The 4.7 inches model 7s, another bigger one of 7s Plus at 5.5 inches and the iPhone 8 that is 5.1 inches or 5.2 inches in size. These devices will be the first to offer wireless charging features. Another report claims that the company, along with LG, is now toying with a new dual lens camera features for its iPhone 8 flagship model.

Applying the Technology

According to some sources that are in proximity to the situation,Apple is attempting to understand ways of applying the 3D technology in LG Innotek camera. LG Innotek comes with its 3D camera combined with the connected technology, so a joint effort with LG will yield fruit very soon.

There could be some truth in this new report regarding the 3D lens camera for the iPhone 8, where Apple is supposed to be working with LG. This is because LG is the exclusive supplier for Apple for the dual cameras seen on the 7 Plus models. However, this does not mean that the company will bring in this 3D dual camera feature for the 7s Plus phones.

Apple Augmented Reality

AR Focus

Apple has stated that the company considers AR or augmented reality as features that it wants to use on mobile phones. There are rumors that Apple already has a team dedicated to AR features for the stock camera application on iPhones.

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