Apple TV App with iOS 10.2 – Pathetically Unable to Fix Messy Digital Media

Apple TV

Apple TV App is painfully unable to offer a fix or solution, with the digital media in such a mess.

Cracking Digital TV

Apple’s new app named TV is the latest attempt by the company at cracking digital television. It was released on the 12th of this month and is a replacement for the Videos app, coming along with its new iOS update 10.2. The app is a neat one in case of the iPhones and the iPad. However, the main intent of the new TV app is on Apple TV. The app is meant to bring in the interface and the library of all major content providers at one central location, satisfying the users’ television needs.

Apple TV

When users open the TV app, they can make searches for a movie or a television show, synchronize their video accounts and allow Apple to improve the clumsy designs created by the media company.

The Problem

Though this was Apple’s aim by offering the TV app, there is a major problem with the digital media. The app is simply not able to deliver what it promised and cannot even be considered as a stopgap measure till Apple can update it to better realize its vision.

The main reason is that both Netflix and Amazon Video are not offering support to the TV app. The app offers a single signing in option, so that it is easy for users, as they don’t have to sign in to separate channels applications. However, the problem is that only a few providers can be accessed, with important names like Comcast and Time Warner Cable or Verizon FiOS being left out. Cable companies seem to be very firm at keeping apps out of reach of users.

Complex Scenario

There is a major change going on in the way we use television and things seem to be getting more and more complex, rather than simpler. Now, consumers have move to a variety of apps instead of cable. These apps offer several hardware solutions. For instance, you can start your Netflix app on your smart television and then move over to HBO Go and then use the voice search feature on Amazon Fire TV for buying an episode of some show that is still in the cable network. For cable alternatives, there is AT&T DirecTV Now or Sony PlayStation Vue and others, for which there are applications that you have to download.

Solving the Complexity

Apple’s TV app released recently attempts at solving this complexity by offering a uniform solution to the fragmented services, so that users can search within one simple system. The app is neatly mapped with Apple’s Remote TV button. However, due to the lack of support from important players, the app ends up being merely another voice in the cacophony.

Apple TV App with iOS 10.2

Doomed to Fail

The new TV app might be potentially doomed to fail. This is not Apple’s fault but due to the present video scenario. It does not seem likely that cable network companies will allow Apple to control TV. Moreover, the new app is not likely to offer Apple the leverage it needs to make changes, such as the ones made by iTunes and iPod.

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