Eye to Eye – A New Custom Game from Battlefield 1

Eye to Eye Battlefield 1

Fans of Battlefield 1 will be glad to know that the developer has introduced a new custom game in multiplayer mode.

However, at a time the new Eye to Eye can be played only by a maximum of 24 players. This new can be kick started from the Custom games tab found in the multiplayer menu of Battlefield 1. This game is full of action and is intended to cater to the tastes of gamers who enjoy a lot of violence and assaults. Centered around the shotgun theme, the game undoubtedly incorporates some attacks and confusion.

Eye to Eye Battlefield 1

Eye to Eye is designed to have its setting on the fictional land of Ameins. A full-fledged attack game, the new Battlefield 1 offering is all about infantry. The player takes the role of the lowermost cadre in the military. Unfortunately, as of now, the fast-paced sub game of Battlefield 1 poses no way of rejuvenating yourself or regenerating your health. The entire strategy of Eye to Eye is very straightforward and simple – you can either kill an opponent coming your way or end up getting killed yourself if you cross a rival’s path. You will be allowed to roam on the arena and provided with a shotgun to carry out your assaults. No other weapon or grenade will be supplied to you at any point of time. However, you can explore a range of assault class shotguns and carry out a detailed assessment of their capabilities.

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