Apple TV with 4K HDR Support May Debut this September

Apple TV September

With the year coming close to an end, a couple of events from Apple will take place one after the other.

The September event is just weeks to go and the company is planning to launch the fifth generation Apple TV with 4K HDR support.

Every year, the manufacturer improves the hardware specifications of their newest gadgets and this new launch will be no different. It is being said that the new Apple TV will feature a much faster processor than all its previous generations put together so as to support 4K streaming without any hiccups. The fourth-generation model could stream 1080p videos which is very low compared to what current generation customers demand. 4K is slowly becoming the norm, both in games and movies with televisions becoming much cheaper than they used to be.

Apple TV with 4K HDR Support Debut


Along with full support for 4K resolution streaming, the new Apple TV will also feature high dynamic range, HDR that enhances video quality to make every picture look brighter and provides the highest level of contrast making colors look more vibrant. The concept is similar to how OLED screens work but HDR supported devices are capable of producing realistic colors on any television through software optimization.

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Apple engineers are working to provide a seamless experience for their customers. The new device should be able to curate TV content from multiple channels at ones and find live shows so that you don’t miss. Besides, they are working in collaboration with show creators to create and deliver many live shows in 4K resolution. The exclusivity should definitely convince more buyers to stay within the Apple ecosystem and not switch to a Roku box or Google’s own Chromecast HDMI stick.

Apple TV with 4K HDR Support

At present, the Roku 4K box is the only streaming box that buyers could go for. It offers a wide range of content and has tie up with all the major service providers including Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video and Youtube. It may not be the best device to access Apple itunes and content provided by the Cupertino company if that is your primary goal. Any customer who have already invested a lot by going for the Mac, iPhone and the Apple TV can comfortably go for the new fifth generation model with 4K HDR support. Pricing and hardware specifications of the model will be revealed during the September event. The actual dates are yet to be confirmed but it won’t be long before Apple sends out invites.

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