Minecraft for Xbox One Now Supports Keyboard, Mouse Inputs

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Microsoft is committed to merging the Xbox One console and the PCs into a unified platform so that gamers could have more games, more input choices and play with one another through cross platform technology.

After purchasing Minecraft, one of the largest sandbox survival game Microsoft started exploring different avenues to bring the game to virtual reality, augmented reality and has now come up with something that should excite all gamers. As part of their Better Together initiative, a new patch is under developmentand those who have opted for the beta program will be able to play Minecraft on the Xbox One console using a keyboard and a mouse.

During the beta program, fans will be able to test Xbox Live multiplayer games as well as whatever new the Bedrock Edition has to offer. Besides, within the game settings they have the option to select keyboard and mouse as the primary input device. By default, the console would obviously pick the Xbox controller as the default input device and the entire game is designed around the same including the A, B, X and Y buttons it suggests when performing multiple actions within the Minecraft world.

Minecraft for Xbox One Supports Mouse Inputs

Players on desktop PCs usually get the best experience because they get to explore the world on large monitors, possibly 4K if they belong to the PC Master Race. And, they are the ones who usually build huge worlds and recreate some of the iconic locations in the Minecraft world. Creations come to life when you have the precision of the mouse which has finally be rolled out to those creators on those Xbox One platform.

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Surprisingly, Microsoft is open to bringing many of the features they have in the game to Sony’s Playstation 4 console. However, their competitor is not open for cross platform play and they may reject the offer to allow keyboard, mouse to be used in a game of Minecraft on the PS4. The information is not confirmed at the moment but going by the way Sony has been acting so far, they may not let their gamers enjoy the convenience that Xbox One gamers will get.

Minecraft Xbox One Supports Keyboard

Even the most adamant Nintendo has come out of their box to adopt third party games and features. The Nintendo Switch will receive Minecraft and it also supports cross play with Xbox One, PC platforms making it a truly unified console to go for but Sony’s PS4 wouldn’t join the race. We hope they would!

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