Apple Will Not Add Any Major Features to iOS 12, to Focus on Existing Issues First


Apple is looking forward to a 2018 iOS 12 release where the operating system will not focus on any major changes, features or revamp the user interface.

The company plans to focus more on existing issues, bugs and crashes to offer a more streamlined experience.

Operating systems are supposed to be stable and reliable when you are using your smartphones. In the past, both iOS and Android had its fair share of issues. At times, the problems are caused by hardware issues, ageing batteries and many similar scenarios. After launching the iPhone X, Apple is keen on making the big leap in terms of software. The team has already set a new benchmark for the smartphone industry with a near bezel-less display and the design will be used for all future smartphones.

Apple Will Not Add Any Major Features to iOS 12

The time has officially come to change the way iOS looks and feels. All iPhone models released till now largely relied on the home button to get tasks done. Users can double press, single press or tap the button to get things done. With the new bezel-less design that effectively got rid of buttons forever on the iPhone X and any future models, the operating system demands a dire change to make it more intuitive and simplified to open apps, close apps or access various features without having to use a physical button.

The scenario demands a major overhaul of the operating system’s interface and features but Apple is plagued by a much bigger problem right now. Inside sources claim that their policy to slow down older iPhones due to the ageing battery had a negative impact among long-time customers and the sheer number of customer complaints they receive seem to mount with every new iOS launch. Apple’s senior VP of software engineering, Craig Federighi has set a new goal for all employees to focus more on customer satisfaction by offering a stable user experience.

Apple Will Not Add Any Major Features to iOS 12, to Focus on Existing Issues First

Most Apple users love flashy and stellar features on the iPhone whereas it’s always about reliability, security on the Macintosh machines. The company has always sold products by focusing more on their design, ability to take DSLR quality photographs or with the removal of an audio port while every other smartphone had it. The new way for Apple is to make iOS12 more stable and bug-free whereas all nifty features will be reserved for a big update next year after the rumored iPhone X 2nd gen is announced.

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