Minecraft Gets New Character Pack Inspired by Disney’s Moana

Minecraft Gets New Character Pack Inspired by Disney’s Moana

Mojang, the developers of Minecraft never ceases to amaze their players as they always release new stuff one after the other to keep them busy.

The latest to join the fry is the Moana character packed inspired by Disney’s popular animated film.

Character packs are no different for players of Minecraft who love to meddle with new skins and locales on PC, PS4 or Xbox One. The joy of playing the game lies in the fact that it is available on literally every platform that you could find on the planet and it supports cross-platform play, unlike any other AAA title. When you build a world on one platform, you can probably access and continue where you left off on a different device. Sony’s Playstation 4 console refused to join the cross-platform integration but things might change in the future.

After the Ender’s update, the development team at Mojang and 4J studios took a break. They announced that it will be the grand finale for the game title and there may not be any major updates after that. Players always had lots of new stuff to keep them busy for years and within a couple of months, the developers confirmed their plans to launch the big Aquatic update. The update is all about allowing players to go underwater, explore the coral reef, fight brutal underwater monsters and wield powerful weapons.

Minecraft New Character Pack Inspired by Disney’s Moana

The Aquatic Update for Minecraft is still a couple of months away. Considering how big it is, the team might take their own team to ensure all the stuff, skin and content to be introduced in the new pack works as intended. Meanwhile, they have launched a simple yet fun addition to the game. If you love the character Moana from the Disney movie, the silly chicken that often lands in trouble and other characters, you are sure to enjoy the new character pack.

The infamous chicken will always land in trouble and players can choose to play as the chicken if they like to. Moana will be the title character along with her dad and many others. The official description on the Minecraft marketplace suggests the pack will also include Pacific Islanders, Maui the shape-shifting god, a giant crab that hoards gold, pirates, demons and everything else you saw in the movie. You can check out the official Minecraft Moana character pack trailer released on Youtube and confirm whether you should buy the pack right away.

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