Apple Will Offer its $25,000 Operating System Lisa for Free in 2018

Apple Will Offer its $25,000 Operating System Lisa for Free

Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs named his operating system Lisa inspired by his daughter back in the days when computers were still an expensive and niche machine.

The legendary OS is coming to all computers in 2018 and the source code will be distributed for free.

Computer History Museum, the organization which is in charge of such legacy applications has decided to bring out the most popular and the closed OS into open. The original Lisa computer which was manufactured in 1983 went for auction and sold at a massive price tag of $10,000. The average buyer can hardly spend so much to know how the past used to be and what Steve Jobs did with his ideas back in the days.


The announcement was made by the museum’s Al Kossow who confirmed that the source code of the operating system has been recovered through rigorous penetration and it has been sent to Apple for review. Once the review is complete, the authorities of the museum plans to make the code of Lisa available for all. It will provide a deep insight into how coding used to be in the past, its evolution in the past few decades and also serve as a nostalgic trip for those who want to know what Apple did with their first ever GUI based OS in the 80s.

Graphical user interfaces were a coveted idea back then and surprisingly it was not Microsoft or Apple that made the discovery. Instead, a team of young minds found it at Xerox which was later sold to Steve Jobs as well as Bill Gates in different forms. The potential of the GUI was truly utilized only in computers while Apple had to create Lisa based on everything they learned from the original version. Microsoft owned the rights for the full operating system back in the days.

Apple Will Offer its $25,000 Operating System Lisa for Free in 2018

The pricing of Apple’s Lisa was insanely expensive back in the days and if it was to be sold at the same cost today, it will cost about $25,000 which is impossible to sell. But, considering the way people were crazy about technology in the 1980s and the 90s, many did purchase it for different reasons while most spent the money purely to show how advanced they are when it came to adopting new things.

Lisa even had an expansion that claimed Local Integrated System Architecture but most associate it with Steve Job’s touch with humanization and his love for his daughter.

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