Apple Sends a Detailed Explanation on Why iPhones Were Slowed Down


Apple has been the leaders of the market in terms of pricing their products at phenomenal levels but when they admitted that they slow down iPhones, the buyers were agitated.

The company has issued an apology and also explained why they have to change things in order for their devices to work as intended.

The company in an official statement confirmed that users who have worn out batteries and those found on older iPhones can replace their batteries for a lower cost of just $29. For most users, this should be a welcome addition because previously tech experts confirmed that when a new battery is inserted, the phones become extremely fast and use the full potential of the processor unlike old models that tend to slow down with time.

Apple Sends a Detailed Explanation on Why iPhones Were Slowed Down

“We would never intentionally slow down our devices to make our buyers buy the new ones. It was never our intention and we apologize if it has been wrongly conveyed. There are lots of technicalities involved in it,” wrote the company.

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They further added that when the life cycle of the battery deteriorates, it leads to lots of performance issues including random restart and battery shutdown.The aging of the battery will vary drastically based on the usage scenario. When it is charged frequently in a hot environment, left in charging for long hours, the age of the battery will quickly deteriorate compared to its average use scenario.

Apple Sends Explanation on Why iPhones Were Slowed Down

Similarly, when a phone unexpectedly shuts down it could be a very annoying experience which is what Apple wants to avoid with their iPhones. “When we released newer versions of iOS on different devices, it was evident that the older devices couldn’t support the changes made in the operating system. Many of them were really slow to use, apps opened much slower and the phone randomly shut down making it tough for users who usually rely on their smartphone for their day to day activities.”

Instead of pushing the maximum performance using older components, slowing down the processing speed as the battery ages did produce positive results. Apple has now come forward to address the issue as many users are not happy with slow phones and they will replace the battery for just $29 so as to allow the processors to function at their full potential. Multiple lawsuits have also been filed on Apple for deliberately slowing down the phones in different countries.

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