Apple’s 9.7” iPad Pro Screen Technology is Great, Why Buy Displays from Samsung?


The latest reports coming from South Korean claim that Apple will be sourcing OLED display panels from Samsung as far as its next series of iPhones is concerned.

Apple is still one of the few flagship smartphone manufacturers that are still using LCD panels instead of the much-hyped OLED or rather, AMOLED panels. However, the latest rumors having been pointing towards Apple moving to the latter panels starting from next year. Nothing has been confirmed about this speculation, but further reports are fueling the matter by suggesting that Samsung and Apple have struck a three-year deal that will see the former supply the latter with over 100 million OLED panels for the next iPhone, beginning 2017.

While this could still be possible, there is also another side of this possibility. Of course, just like with the case of iOS vs. Android, there will always be a debate between lovers of OLED panels and those with LCD panels. Apple and Samsung are fierce rivals and in fact, the two have a lot going on in the courts of law. Apple has already been dependent on Samsung in the past and given their current relationship, it would seem rather hard for Apple to seek out further business relationships with its adversary.

Apple got it right with the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro screen technology

Apple recently announced an iPad Pro with 9.7-inches of display. With no pun intended, this device seems to be just what Apple needed to remind its critics that everything is still under control as far as display quality is concerned. Apple has been on the end of harsh criticism ever since AMOLED panels started taking over the flagship world, with many saying that LCD panels are weaker.

However, experts at DisplayMate feel that Apple has finally got things right as far as screen technology is concerned. According to Dr. Raymond M. Soneira, the president of Display Mate Technologies, the new iPad Pro 9.7 has a display that features major enhancements than any other LCD panel they’ve ever tested.


Apple has always been at the forefront when it comes to adopting new technologies. AMOLED is the current thing in town, yet Cupertino hasn’t stepped in yet. But why? Of course, cutting down on expenses would one reason for this as LCD panels are generally considered cheaper than OLED.

On the other hand, Apple has been known to want to design the lightest and thinnest iPhone. If AMOLED really offered high-quality display, Apple would probably have already jumped on this bandwagon.


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