New Apple Leaks Reveal an “All Glass” iPhone in the Making

Apple iPhone

KGI Securities’ Ming-Chi Kuo, better known as the world’s best Apple analyst, is at it again with some new predictions of how the next iPhone will look like.

Of the many revelations he has been coming in with, the latest is perhaps the most interesting one, so to say. In Kuo’s view, Apple is in plans to develop a new design for the iPhone. The company seems to be fed up with being imitated by lots of other smartphone manufacturers across the globe. For instance, the fact that Xiaomi manufactures iPhone-like smartphones as far as design is concerned has earned the company the tag “the Apple of China” in its homeland. Samsung has been locked in never-ending battles with Apple and even users or rather reviewers have been quick to blast the Korean tech giant over what they believe is copy-pasting a lot from Apple.

With many flagship smartphones of today coming in with metallic casings, Apple wants to be distinct once again. Cupertino is planning to get rid of the now too-common aluminum chassis and instead come in with an all-glass casing that will with no doubt make the iPhone as unique as it once was. It seems this change is being catalyzed by the fact that Apple is reportedly planning to switch to OLED panels.

A great 10th-anniversary gift from Apple

Don’t get too excited about the all glass iPhone prediction from Kuo. According to the analyst, this device will only show up in 2017 and not this year. Apple has been known for its incremental updates with respect to the design of its iPhones – this seems to be coming to an end this coming year.

Given that this change is set to affect the iPhone 7S, it leaves the upcoming iPhone 7 in the same bandwagon as last year’s iPhone 6S. Apple will probably go for the same design as far as this year’s flagship is concerned, with minimal changes coming in when compared to the iPhone 6S.

Apple iPhone

One thing that one would ask is why use glass when it is such vulnerable to breakages, just like with the case of iPhone 4 and 4S? Well, in Kuo’s analysis, he thinks the company has made this decision because of the advancements we currently have with respect to toughening glass. Furthermore, having an iPhone built with glass will ensure perfect integration with wireless charging as well as boost antenna reception.

With Apple’s iPhone turning 10 next year, the rumored change could be a welcome gift for iPhone users.

Would you want to own an all glass iPhone sooner than 2017?

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