Apple’s MacBook Receives Major Hardware and Performance Upgrades

Apple MacBook

Apple has announced a new series of MacBook laptops that are already available for sale, but this introduction is not entirely new, but simply upgrades to the current line of MacBook laptops.

The company will be selling laptops with improved processors, faster internal memory, better graphics, and even more battery life. Surprisingly, the upgraded versions will be sold at the same price. The mid-season also adds something new for MacBook users – a new rose gold color variant. This is the first ever Mac device to feature a rose gold finish and if you are the kind who loves this color, this is the time to add to your collection of Apple rose gold devices.

According to Apple, one can now order a new MacBook with a dual-core Intel M chipset clocked at a speed of 1.3GHz and has 1866MHz memory, an Intel HD 515 graphics unit and a supposed 25% faster graphics performance as well as faster internal storage. In short, what these upgrades are targeting is to get users better performance as well as longer battery life.

Apple MacBook

As mentioned earlier, the new MacBooks are available at the same price, with the 1.1GHz M3 variant available for $1299 while the 1.2GHz M5 variant available for $1599. All of these models are equipped with a massive 8GB RAM regardless of the configuration. It is even possible to order for a superior 1.3GHz M7 model.

As Apple prepares to unveil this year’s MacBooks, the upgrades in performance and battery life of the current models will be a huge welcome for many. However, keep in mind that this update is only affecting the MacBook models that are packed with Intel’s Skylake processor.

The improved 8GB of RAM will also be another huge welcome for many buyers as it means better performance. It will also serve well to cool down cries from early adopters as far as the RAM is concerned, something that resulted in lagging performance when doing memory intensive activities.

Apple MacBook

Still, this upgrade shouldn’t be enough to make you want to shift to the revised models. However, it should come as a welcome for those who were on the brink of joining the Apple fraternity with a new MacBook. Apple has a history of coming out better with its revised products; hopefully, the new MacBook versions will offer the same cutting edge.

Of course, you can still wait and get a better MacBook Pro 2016 later in the year, but with this mid-season upgrade, you will still be getting some of the best MacBooks ever.

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