Looking for a Cheaper MacBook Pro Alternative? Meet Samsung’s Notebook 9

Samsung Notebook 9 vs MacBook Pro

No one doubts that Apple’s MacBook Pro 15 is one of the best creations to have ever come from this company as far as laptops are concerned.

The 15-inch laptop has an excellent build, attractive design and under the hood, it packs some of the best hardware around. But with this, including the Apple brand name, this MacBook Pro costs a massive $2000. If you are out for an equally well-designed, attractive and spec-packed laptop that is cheaper than the expensive MacBook Pro, you have your match in Samsung Notebook 9.

A lighter as well as a less expensive alternative to the Apple laptop, the Samsung Notebook 9 has the same 15 inches of display and the processing power under the hood, but it costs $800 less than its counterpart. Here is a closer look at this Samsung Notebook 9 as an alternative to Apple’s 15-inch MacBook Pro.

Attractive design and lightweight

Many premium users believe that plastic builds are not meant for them. What this means is that metal is the way for them, however, we all know that metal is bulkier than plastic. But still, Samsung somehow managed to design a very lightweight Notebook 9 out of aluminum and magnesium alloy. As a result, the laptop has a very attractive appearance that gives it the premium feel desired by premium users.

When compared to the MacBook Pro, the Notebook 9 is 1.5 pounds lighter with its 2.9 pounds of weight. What this means is that you can carry around this laptop for as long as possible without getting tired.

Samsung Notebook 9 vs MacBook Pro

Apple has always wanted to be the creator of the thinnest gadgets, be it smartphones, tablets or laptops. The MacBook Pro is just 0.71 inches thick, which makes it one of the thinnest devices as far as 15-inch laptops, are concerned. However, with Samsung Notebook 9 coming in with just 0.57 inches, the MacBook Pro is nowhere this Samsung device when it comes to thinness.

Bright and colorful display screen

There are rumors that Apple will be sourcing OLED display panels from Samsung for its upcoming 2017 iPhones. This is only possible because Samsung is considered as one of the best, if not the best, in the display industry. You will see its prowess in the screen of the Notebook 9. Even though the 1080p resolution on the base model might seem poor on paper, a look at the device will reveal a gorgeous display that offers brilliant, dynamic colors. There is an option for a sharper display in the $1500 variant, which homes a screen with 3840 by 2160 pixels resolution.

In comparison, Apple’s MacBook Pro has a Retina display panel equipped with a resolution of 2880 by 1800 pixels. In comparison to the base model of Samsung Notebook 9, the Pro has a sharper display.

Powerful specs

At $1200, the base model Samsung Notebook 9 packs some of the best specs you can find in current-gen laptops. The device has an Intel Core i7 processor that is supported by a RAM of 8GB. The laptop carries a solid-state drive of 256GB, which should be plenty for most users. Adding an extra $300 will land you a Notebook 9 with the same processor, storage as well as RAM, but there are improvements as far as display and graphics are concerned.

On the other hand, we have a base model of the MacBook Pro that is quite powerful than the Notebook 9. As mentioned earlier, these gadgets carry the same processors, however, the MacBook Pro model packs a superior 16GB RAM. It even gets better with Apple as you can choose to have a customized device at the time of purchasing, but this only affects processors and amount of storage. This is not possible with Samsung Notebook 9.

Samsung Notebook 9 vs MacBook Pro

Another thing to keep in mind is that while Apple’s MacBook Pro is powered by OS X El Capitan, you will find the latest Windows 10 on the Notebook 9.


As far as pricing is concerned, we’ve already seen that Apple is ahead of Samsung. The MacBook Pro’s base model costs $2000. However, upgrading to a more powerful unit may raise the cost up to $3200. On the other hand, Samsung Notebook 9 starts at $1200 for the base model and only rises to $1500 for the high-res model.

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