Apple’s Night Shift Coming to Mac, Watch and TV Soon

Apple Night Shift

Apple introduced Night Shift with an iteration of iOS 9, but it did not expect the feature to get such huge attention as it has done within the iOS fraternity.

As a result, the company wants to take things to the next level by bringing the same Night Shift capabilities to other platforms that include Macs, the Apple Watch, Apple TV as well as Apple CarPlay system. According to a discovery made by Patently Apple, the Cupertino Company has filed a patent that points towards bringing the feature to each and every platform that it has in the market.

While the patent has lots of devices that you won’t probably be thinking of, there are some really interesting ones. As of now, the only viable description that comes from the filings is that the feature is a computer software that is meant to help with controlling the display screens of computer and mobile devices.

To be a little more specific, the patented software will be able to control computers and their hardware, motor vehicle audio system, television monitors, smartwatches, as well as laptops, which only but takes care of the entire list of products that Apple has in the market.

No more room for F.Lux

When Apple brought Night Shift technology to iOS devices, it brought to an end a service that was being handled by F.Lux for iOS. This meant that the service could only be operational on Apple’s desktops. But now that the iPhone maker has filed patents regarding the Night Shift feature with respect to Macs and MacBooks, it all but closes down any route that F.Lux would have used to make itself relevant on the platform.

Apple Night Shift

Of course, Android users will still be able to make use of the technology, but no room for F.Lux on Apple products will be spared.

With Night Shift expected to hit all of Apple’s devices, the company might have to play around with the features depending on the device in question. This is true because it is not possible to have the same color-dimming needs when using Macs, Apple Watch, Apple TV or even your car.

Even though Apple has filed a trademark for Night Shift, this only means that the company is protecting this name. However, the fact that other products that are currently not supported have been included in the list means that Apple is indeed serious about making this feature a common happening across its entire range of products. As of now, there is no definite date for when the Night Shift feature will spread outside the iOS niche.

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