Latest Google Hangouts can Now Receive Google Casts

Google Hangouts

Google is making a huge update to its latest version of Google Hangouts that will see the chat service able to receive Google Casts, but everything stems from the updated Google Chrome version 51.

In case you didn’t know, Google Cast is the technology that makes Chromecast what it is, however, in order to enjoy this service on your Google Hangouts application, you must first of all update the installed Chrome desktop browser to the latest v51. However, this version is still in beta, with the official release expected in the next few days.

In the past, Google Chrome users needed a Cast extension in their browser in order to cast browser tabs onto supported devices. With the ability now built inside Chrome browser, the extension will no longer be a requirement, but this doesn’t mean it will no longer be an option.

While past versions of Google Chrome only allowed for casting to Cast-enabled monitors and TVs, the latest version now brings this ability to Google Hangouts as well. Unlike with the case of Chrome browser which is still in beta, it seems Cast to Hangouts is already stable. According to the Google Hangouts support page, there is more coming with this update. Users will be able to use cloud services as an option to cast, but there are no clear details of which cloud services will be supported.

Google Hangouts

As mentioned earlier, the ability to cast to Google Hangouts starts with Chrome for desktops v51. But this version is only available to those who are willing to work with betas. Still, the Cast option is not yet visible to all users of the latest beta version of the application, but it will soon be coming to all versions. What can be assured is the fact that the option will be available on the stable version for all users.

As for the Google Hangouts, the Cast option has been listed in Google Chrome version 52.

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