Aston Martin Revives Lagonda to Take on Rolls Royce and Bentley in the Luxury Segment


Aston Martin has revived their Lagonda brand which will produce elite, luxury vehicles to take directly on Rolls Royce range of cars.

The Lagonda will be a standalone brand which doesn’t have any direct association with Aston Martin in terms of design, production or models they create. The name was established a long time ago in the 1906 and has been used for all their unique, well-designed models. However, in the year 2018 it is going to take shape of its own so as to give a tough fight to competitors. The idea comes from Dr Andy Palmer who has taken over the helm of the brand and has been revamping the Aston Martin in more ways than one.

Aston Martin Lagonda

The former Nissan executive seems to be at his best as he has already signed deals with Daimler to share new platforms, powertrains and most importantly electric technology. While they may not be immediately used in any of the current models, the platforms designed to mount electrical motors are going to be used to make all-electric models in the next three years. A couple of launches are blast from the past, like the hyper car Valkyrie in association with Red Bull brand. Aston Martin will also witness launches of some of their popular models with revamped design and new improvements.

However, the route followed by Lagonda is unique as the brand’s two new models will compete with Rolls Royce and Bentley. These brands are usually strong in the luxury segment with a very niche fan base and continue to enjoy their supremacy without much hassles. Aston Martin’s entry could change the game.


“In the past, Lagonda has always had been a competitor for Bentley and Rolls Royce. The only issue was that it was a pet project for Aston Martin and was always considered a sub brand for the company that didn’t allow it to grow further. By separating the name, it allows the Lagonda to come up with speedy, impressive cars. When we started making the models, we know that Rolls Royce is the first class Boeing 777 and it’s hard to beat it in the luxury segment. But, I asked the design head Marek to give me a Concorde that offered the best of speed. We are glad to have come up with the fastest, luxury car in the segment,” commented Palmer.

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“The two cars are yet to be finalized. I haven’t seen how they look but one of them could be a small car while the other a SUV to go with Bentley’s offerings,” he added.

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