ASUS ZenUI Launcher Free Download Now Available for All Android Devices

ASUS ZenUI Launcher

Not so many people were fans of OEM-based UX skins on Android devices during the early days of this OS. In fact, many are still adamant that skins such as Samsung’s TouchWiz, HTC Sense and lots of others out there only but add bloatware to the otherwise amazing stock Android experience.

However, it turns out that, even Google itself, has been taking some lessons here and there from these OEM-based skins. This has even led to some people, those who actually believe UX skins are the best, arguing that things like quick settings toggles and a brightness slider were availed by Samsung’s TouchWiz in the notification shade way before Google came in with such an idea on Android devices.

It gets even to the point where some believe the stock Android experience lacks in some way, hence making the company’s list of Nexus devices quite boring to interact with. But then, most OEMs have resolved to trim their UX skins, with HTC and Samsung leading the way. Even though the former reportedly has plans to offer the HTC Sense UX skin to non-Android users, it has already been beaten by Taiwan’s ASUS.

The company has unveiled a new ASUS ZenUI Launcher that is meant to be used on all Android devices as long as they are installed with v4.3 and above. The Launcher is already available for free download from the official Google Play Store. With the new ZenUI Launcher, users of any Android device that meets the criteria will now be able to enjoy the look and feel of an ASUS ZenFone product.

According to ASUS, the ZenUI Launcher comes with quite a lot. Users will come across things like free themes, widgets, wallpapers, ability to change app icons or even organize apps in folders. In short, the launcher can easily be customized into anything you want, much more like many other launchers out there.

ASUS ZenUI Launcher

One of the most enticing features that the new ASUS ZenUI Launcher brings is smart and fast search. All you need is to swipe down to start smart-searching your installed apps or topics with the help of a Quick Find tool. There are also some real privacy and security measures where users can use the AppLock or Hide App feature to keep their data safe from unauthorized access.

Since this ASUS ZenUI Launcher is freely available to all Android devices running v4.3 and above, there is room for you to try it out. If you do, please let us know how it feels in your comments below.

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  1. Hi, I really liked this shell. Although I have never used Asus phones, this shell is very interesting. She has many useful features and additions. Also very beautiful animation. I think that this is really a serious competitor for other similar launchers. It would be nice to see you have an article with comparisons of all these shells. Because this choice is huge, and everyone writes that each is good. What do you think of Google Launcher?

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