Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book Now Available in Europe and Asia

Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book

As the internet space is filled with rumors of the release of the successor to the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 – the Surface Pro 5 – the former had yet to make its way out of the North American region.

However, Microsoft has finally made the move that sees buyers in the likes of Europe and Asia get a chance to buy themselves a new Surface Pro 4 or a Surface Book. The two are hybrids of laptops and tablets. In essence, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is more of a tablet whereas the Surface Book is more of a laptop.

Following their release in areas that include the UK, China, Australia, France, New Zealand, Austria, Switzerland and Hong Kong, the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book will both be available with a storage unit of up to 1TB SSD. This is huge for buyers in these regions as they will be able to get a premium device with a similarly premium storage amount.

Unfortunately, those who reside in areas such as Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg will have to wait until later this summer. But as for those in Japan and Germany, they will be jumping onto this bandwagon somewhere this July.

Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book

Both the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book come with top-notch specs under the hood. For starters, you will come across an i7 processor on either unit. This is backed by a massive RAM of 16GB, making the devices beasts in terms of performance. However, there is a price to pay for these massive specs. If you thought these two will end up being cheaper options of replacing your old laptop or tablet, you might want to reconsider your market selection.

This is true because the Surface Pro 4 will cost a whopping £2,199 whereas the Surface Book will be valued at a massive £2,649. These prices are for the top-end 1TB models. Despite their hefty prices, these two also come with the best hardware specs you can find around. It gets even for buyers of the Surface Pro 4 as they can also add a Signature Type Cover that adds some flair to the hybrid laptop.

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