Atari Box May Cost $300 and Could be Better than PS4, Xbox One as it Runs on Linux

Atari Box May Cost $300 and Could be Better than PS4

The team behind the new console Atari Box are busy finalizing some of the important aspects and they have confirmed that the wooden box will run on Linux operating system, making it an able addition to the world of consoles.

Right from the beginning it has been promoted as the retro gaming machine but as a matter of fact, if it would run on Linux OS all the games or at least many of the popular titles available on Steam platform will run seamlessly on the new machine. The developer team also confirmed that they are going with AMD yet again.

The world’s leading gaming consoles PS4 and Xbox One are powered by AMD’s system on chips. Without doubt, they provide the best visuals within the limited hardware options provided by the manufacturer and have been running great since 2013. The Atari people didn’t reveal if they have used the latest graphics chip introduced by the company but rather just stated that it will be powerful enough to run all latest game titles.

Atari Box Cost $300 and Could be Better than PS4

The Cost Matters a Lot

When a new console is priced between $250 to $300 which is what the AtariBox is going to be, it looks like they are directly competing with the mainstream console market and not just retro gaming machine like the SNES or NES Mini editions launched in the recent past.

This new console going by the powerful hardware also seems to be an able device to handle most AAA titles at great graphic settings provided the developers are willing to port them to the Linux operating system, as it usually adds to their list of tasks to be done before a game gets launched.

Atari Box May Cost $300 and Could be Better than PS4, Xbox One as it Runs on Linux

An Indiegogo campaign will be launched next month and Atari is planning to bring out their brand new console in Spring 2018 which is still a long way to go. However, they did provide a lot of information about the device confirming that it will come bundled with a lot of classics from the past and new third-party games from popular studios.

Previously, it was also confirmed that the Ataribox will be available in two different variants, one is a wooden design while another is a red and black console with a glass top. It will have ample number of ports including four USB ports, one HDMI and one SD Card port to store the games.

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