Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 update adds support for Netflix HDR and a new security patch

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Verizon has been busy lately with dishing out software updates and the latest is directed to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3.

As you would expect, the new update brings a handful of new features to the tablet alongside an updated security patch. The latter is not the latest, but still, moving the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 to October’s security patch is something Verizon users of the tab should appreciate.

Besides the addition of new security patch, Netflix users on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 will also get support for High Definition Dynamic Range (HDR) streaming that is meant to improve the overall video quality on the already great 1536 x 2048 pixels resolution used on the 9.7-inch Tab S3. There are some people who had an issue with the fingerprint setup wizard, well, this update shouldn’t miss you.

The update comes with software version T827VVRU1AQJ3 and as usual, it’s rolling out over the air. This means that not all Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 on Verizon will get the OTA notification at the same time. If you can’t wait for a few more days before the update hits your tab, now would be the perfect time to hit the Settings menu and try a manual update.


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