AT&T Confirms They Will Rollout Mobile 5G to Select Regions this Year

AT&T Confirms Mobile 5G to Select Regions this Year

The year 2018 begins on a good note as cellular service providers are slowly upgrading to 5G connectivity from the now primitive 4G internet and cellular connections.

AT&T, one of the largest firms had confirmed that they will adopt Mobile 5G in 2018 and will roll it out to select regions before the year ends.

Upgrading from the existing 3G and 4G connections is not an easy task as smartphone manufacturers should start releasing models that have the latest processor in them. They should be capable of utilizing the improved 5G speeds these services have to offer and the monthly payment plan should also be upgraded. Buyers will consider making the jump only when they are far more affordable than their existing plans as a typical 4G connection is usually more than enough to get everything done including watching movies, browsing the social media and so on.

AT&T Confirms They Will Rollout Mobile 5G to Select Regions this Year

With so many aspects to be taken into account, cellular service providers waited for a couple of years before making the big leap. AT&T is one among many to make this announcement and the company confirmed that they will start by rolling out the service in parts of Atlanta, Waco and obviously they are not going to miss Dallas which is where their entire networking operations are. All these regions will be fully covered before the end of the year and the numbers do sound very less which the service provider confirmed is not the final list. They have plans to add multiple new regions which will be announced in the following months based on feasibility and their user base.

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Instead of going for full connectivity which may face many practical issues, AT&T is going to take calculated steps in rolling out Mobile 5G services. Initially, the coverage will make use of millimeter wave spectrum which is of the highest frequency. The service may not provide the best experience to users as it doesn’t belong to commonly used bands but the company plans to make the jump later in 2019 when there are more subscribers who want to experience improved speeds with 5G connectivity.

AT&T Confirms Rollout Mobile 5G to Select Regions this Year

While all other cellular service providers are close in line to roll out 5G services, AT&T surprisingly has managed to become the first big company to adopt a newer technology ahead of everyone else. Their major competitors like Verizon is nowhere in sight as the company is still in talks while Sprint begins in 2019 and T-Mobile will rollout 5G services from 2020 onwards.

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