AT&T to Launch Internet-Based Pay TV Service Delivery

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AT&T will launch up to three internet-based TV streaming services by the end of this year. The giant mobile carrier now wants to take its acquisition DirecTV over the top.

The cable giant company was acquired by the telecom company last summer and now it is on the verge of announcing three brand new pay TV streaming services in Q4 2016. The subscriptions will see AT&T users enjoy pay TV content over the internet with no need of the usual contracts, set-top boxes or even satellite dishes.

Though it looks like a very interesting package, the telecom company has not mentioned a thing regarding the pricing or any other specifics of the service dubbed DirecTV Now. All in all, this will basically be live cable delivered through the internet.

Now that AT&T has hoped into the streaming television battles, users will be able to stream live TV programs in addition to enjoying shows on-demand via several internet-based devices.

New AT&T pay TV service only requires an app

As mentioned earlier, the new deal will eliminate the need for TV lovers to have set-top boxes and satellite dishes; instead, they only need an application.

Customers do not need to have any broadband subscription for them to enjoy the new DirecTV Now service. However, an AT&T spokesperson revealed to CNN that the channels to be availed on the services will be very similar to what customers are receiving via the usual cable packages.


DirecTV Now is just one of the three packages AT&T will be offering later this year. Others include DirecTV Mobile and DirecTV Preview. While the former will be meant for people who can’t just stop watching videos on their mobile devices, the latter will come in with a small selection of premium TV as well as some video content from Otter Media, but these will come in a free, ad-enabled experience.

AT&T hasn’t mentioned a thing about the expected content deals, but a company official, Tony Goncalves, who is the senior VP strategy, noted that already some of these deals are in place while others are in the final stages of negotiations.

There are not so many non-cable TV companies in the U.S. However, AT&T now joins the likes of PlayStation Vue, Sling TV and HBO Now; all of which have already amassed quite sizeable followings, with a target of reaching up to 20 million people. Sling TV has 240,000 while HBO Now has 800,000 subscribers.

A boost for AT&T’s data and broadband services

As mentioned earlier, AT&T’s package includes DirecTV Mobile. With the current millennials being heavy consumers of mobile content, it is easy to see that the telecom carrier is targeting to boost its mobile data and broadband internet services. Nonetheless, the service doesn’t necessarily require users to have an AT&T connection in order to use it.

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