LG Smart TV Will Soon Get a GameFly App, No Console Needed

LG Smart TV

LG Smart TV owners will soon be able to stream GameFly titles using a streaming app dedicated to this WebOS-based device. According to reports, this will start happening as from somewhere in April.

With the new application, those living in the United States will now be able to stream video games from rental service GameFly in a deal similar to what Samsung secured recently.

In order to enjoy this new deal, however, LG Smart TV owners will have to be using the latest models running on WebOS 3.0. This means that you will have to probably get a newer television set in order to enjoy GameFly’s gaming titles. Good news for those who have the company’s 2015 models running on WebOS 2.0 as they will be able to get an update to their software, which will come along with the new GameFly app.

Interestingly, having an actual console will not be a requirement as far as accessing this application is concerned. However, you will still need a gamepad in addition to a GameFly Streaming subscription for you to enjoy games such as Batman: Arkham Origins, Tomb Rider and Darksiders, among other games.

LG Smart TV

The service takes advantage of remote cloud servers to stream console video gaming content via the internet to LG Smart TVs. With this service, there will be no need to buy and set up multiple gaming consoles and instead, those with the Korean company’s Smart TVs will play games at a reduced cost. In essence, what users will only be required to do is turn on their LG Smart TV and through the WebOS intuitive menu, they will be able to access the GameFly Streaming app. But remember, a gamepad (Logitech F710) must be plugged in. Other gamepads recommended by GameFly include the Logitech F310 and the Xbox wired controller.

Now that LG is bringing this gaming application to their television sets, it means users of these devices will from then henceforth enjoy GameFly Streaming plans that bring along very familiar family games.

“The introduction of GameFly adds to the extensive variety of content options available on LG Smart TV, including top video and music apps, and further enhances the experience of LG Smart TV,” LG Electronics USA VP of marketing, David VanderWaal, said. “Owners of LG Smart TVs will now be able to stream high-end video games right to their television sets and enjoy a next-gen gaming console-like experience right from their home,” he added.

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