AT&T Unveils a “Thank You” Program, Free Movie Tickets Available Starting Next Tuesday

AT&T Thanks Program

American carrier AT&T has launched a program aimed at giving thanks to its loyal customers. The program will see the giant carrier give out free movie tickets beginning next week Tuesday.

This is great news for the millions of people who use this carrier on a day to day basis. However, as usual with such enticing offers, there is a catch.

Apparently, the free movie tickets from AT&T will be available on a buy-one-get-one-free basis each week. In addition, the tickets will only include participating companies with respect to the program, which are Regal Entertainment Group theaters and AMC Theaters. There is more to come from AT&T with respect to the “Thank You” program. In future, the carrier will also offer its customers a pre-sale access to concert tickets.

AT&T now joins another American carrier in giving thanks to the loyal customers that have made it the second largest carrier in the country. T-Mobile also has a similar #GetThanked offer for its customers, however, where T-Mobile extends the offer to all of its pre-paid and post-paid customers, AT&T has only limited it to post-paid customers. There are also more goodies in T-Mobile’s offer as opposed to what AT&T is offering. Unlike the latter which only plans to dish out free tickets, the former adds quite a number of things to the movie on offer, among them dinner, special bonus prize as well as an automatic ticket to enter a lottery that the company calls an “epic” Get Thanked weekly prize.

AT&T Thanks Program

Despite offering such an enticing deal, T-Mobile has been unable to handle the pressure that followed from customers who were busy taking advantage of the offer. It is no wonder AT&T is learning from the former’s mistakes by somehow being cautious with its approach. You won’t come across a faulty app like with T-Mobile’s case because the AT&T offer is directly accessible via the company’s website.

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