PS4 Neo With 4K Support Is Coming Much Earlier, Insider Report

PS4 Neo

An insider report confirmed that players may not have to wait long because the more powerful PS4 Neo console is coming sooner than expected.

The lack of announcement for the console at the E3 2016 event was abrupt. Most expected Sony to finally speak about their new hardware but it was Microsoft that hogged the show. The team managed to woo the crowd with the Xbox Scorpio, a brand new console which can handle 4K gaming with ease. It is easily the most powerful console in many years if we are to go by the promo video. Such hardware could cost much higher when it launches in the market. It is too early to comment on the same.

While it was so vibrant in the Microsoft stable, Sony went for a mediocre E3 event with a bunch of game launches. Gamers do love games without a doubt but the PS4 console is ageing faster than anyone expected. It hardly delivers 1080p resolution and the concept of 60 frames per second is such a far cry for both consoles at the moment. Scorpio from Microsoft is going to change it for sure but will PS4 Neo do the same? We hope so!


Sony may have delayed the announcement because they wanted to see what their competitor does before making it official. According to rumors, the PS4 Neo is inferior when compared to Xbox Scorpio. Neo couldn’t deliver 4K gaming as its competitor does which is what Sony should work on now. They might put their time to good use to come up with a much powerful console.

Inside sources confirmed that the console announcement might be made at the Tokyo Game Show. The event is slated to take place this September. Sony refused to comment on this rumor. It should be taken with a pinch of salt because now it is not about rushing to launch a hardware but rather focus on how good it actually is. PS4 Neo should be on par with Xbox Scorpio so as to give a tough fight in the consumer market.

Pricing will also play an integral role. AMD recently launched their new graphics card which could render the power of a GTX 980, a probable 2K HD gaming if not 4K for just $199. Even if Microsoft is going to use such cheap but powerful card, the overall price of the console could go up to $600. Sony is yet to reveal their plan on pricing their new console.

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