AT&T’s LG G6 has been Discounted on Best Buy by $50, You Still get a Free Google Home


When the LG G6 went on sale, some people were unhappy with the pricing of the phone, however, we have been seeing quite a few interesting incentives being thrown the phone’s way in order to attract more buyers, but AT&T has another way of doing things.

Last week, major carriers in the U.S. made pricing details of the LG G6 known to the public, but many AT&T fans did not like the fact that the carrier had the highest asking retail price of $720 when folks at Verizon were getting it for $672, which is still costly.

Now, if you happen to purchase an LG G6 on Best Buy and activate it on AT&T, the retailers have an agreement that you get a discount of $50. This means that you end up paying $670, but this doesn’t mean you won’t be getting the free Google Home that LG is offering every buyer of the phone – it’s still there for you. However, be warned that this discount will be given to those who buy the LG G6 on AT&T’s Next Installment plan and it will be reflected in reduced monthly installments for the life of your contract.

LG G6 Preorder

Perhaps LG should come out and accept that the G6 is overpriced rather than keep on throwing around deals like the free Google Home and Smart TVs in the U.S. and other products in other markets. Still, this path has proven a success as the first two days of release in Korea saw the phone record total sales of 30,000 units. Whether the same will work for the U.S. market and others where the phone has yet to arrive is still unknown, but we shall for sure know very soon.

LG G6 starts shipping in the U.S. from April 7, which is not so far away.


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